Thursday, November 29, 2012

7th Grade 2D- Pointillism Collage

7th grade 2-D students studied the word of Seurat and his use of many colors of painted dots to create a work of art. They learned about pointillism and how the eye will blend various colors together. Students then drew a cartoon or comic book character using the grid method to enlarge and begin using hole punches to make the little dots. Students also discussed collage and learned that a collage has been around since the 10th century but didn't get it's name until Picasso and Braque coined the term in the beginning of the 20th century. Students would be creating a pointillism collage of their own by mixing different shades of dots. Craftsmanship is very important on this project or else they would end up with a gluey mess. The projects are not finished yet but here they are in progress...

12/19/12 update:


  1. Amazing concentration from the students!! What tool did they use to apply the glue/dots?

  2. they used toothpicks to dot the glue and to pick up the hole punches