Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Art Club: Stop Motion Videos

This year, art club received a grant from the Olentangy Education Foundation and received 10 iPad mini's. This was the third year that I submitted a grant application and was waiting for the rejection letter to arrive in the mail. I followed the directions for submitting the application perfectly this year and requested less than what I had in the past and it FINALLY paid off. I was so excited to receive the congratulations letter and quickly started planning for art club. 

Let me start by telling you a little bit about art club. The group meets twice a year, once in October, everyday after school, for 2 weeks and again in February, everyday after school, for 2 weeks. We meet for about an hour and 45 minutes each day. This really allows us to dig deep into projects and get a lot accomplished in our time together. We meet in between sports seasons so that more students can participate and have 35 6-8 graders this year. The first year Berkshire was open, I opened art club up to everyone and had 100 students join. I now have an application process and select the students so that I can make it more manageable for myself. 
The kids who are in art club were super excited about doing stop motion videos this year. We did them a few years ago but didn't have the technology for it and I ended up never seeing most of the videos the kids made. We used iMotion to capture the videos and the kids worked very independently. They spent the first few days of art club was spent creating their story, scenes and characters. Then it was time to start filming.
The kids did a fabulous job and I wanted to share the videos they created! Enjoy!

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