Friday, September 28, 2012

7th grade 3D- Rodin Hands

Rodin is most famous for this sculpture, "The Thinker" but he also created hands that had a lot of emotion in them. Students studied Rodin and then created their own plaster hands. They had lots of options for the project. They could do a "cool" shape with their hand, they could hold something, they could splatter paint, they could paint designs. They could really do about anything they wanted. I ended up having a sub on the day we painted and the kids got a bit out of control on the painting portion but here are some of the really great ones!

To do this project, we started by covering our hands in Vaseline (this is important!). Then we used plaster craft strips, dipped them in water and covered our entire hand. At the end of class, we wiggled our way out or I had to cut some of the kids out (just a little slit up the careful to not cut them!). 
Next, we used a piece of styrofoam covered in plaster for the base. Then we glued on the hands and covered the glue with plaster strips. 
Finally, we painted and decorated them to our hearts content!

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