Friday, September 28, 2012

8th Grade Sculpture- Underwater Creatures

I just have to say, I LOVE my 8th grade sculpture class. There are only 8 of them so we can really expand on ideas and really go BIG! I am really bummed that I only have one more week with them. I would love to have them all year. Their second project this 6 weeks was an underwater creature. I was inspired by artwork I saw in Tuscany this summer. The artist created 3-D fish and painted them in an abstract way with lots of texture. My sculpture kids were excited to take on this project and were even more excited when I told them, "go big or go home". Their only requirements for this project was that they made an underwater (or sea) creature and they could use anything but clay. The kids jumped right in, creating forms with newspaper, wire, styrofoam, plaster, and anything else they could get their hands on. I absolutely LOVE how they are turning out.

Love the octopus. I feel like it looks like It was frozen in motion. How great is the tissue paper that she is adding? Can't wait to put this project in the showcase!

This is the start of a hammerhead shark (on it's side)

 Yes, the giant squid is bigger than he is!

How skinkin' cute is this walrus? And yes, those 3 projects take up the floor space in my storage room.

More pictures to come when they are finished!!

Here are some updated images of the projects. Only one of them got finished today (the end of the 6 weeks) but hopefully the kids will come back in to finish them!

 Too big to lay flat in the showcase...
 I love how nice and sweet this looks with the pink and purple and then's covered in nails!


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  2. The base of their sculptures was crumbled up newspaper, Styrofoam and wire. They covered with plaster strips and tissue paper.

  3. What do you use for papier maiche? Homemade or do you purchase something? These are GREAT!
    Any details you could send to jessott1848 at would be great! :)