Monday, September 24, 2012

8th Grade Ceramics- Shoes

Oh shoes...who doesn't love shoes? This is such a fun project and I love to see what my 8th graders come up with. I've done this project different ways. Last year, students had to create a shoe in the style of an artist or artwork. Students got inspiration from Helen Frankenthaler, Mondrian, and artwork that was up around the room. Some students decorated their shoes to resemble the artwork. Others created a shoe from the time period or in the theme of the artist, like Picasso's blue period. 

 Helen Frankenthaler inspired

The inspiration for the blue shoe!
This year, I did futuristic shoes. Students could construct any shoe of their choice but had to make it look futuristic. They really have done a great job on it so far! 
 One thing I stress with this project is problem solving. I cannot stand up in front of the class and tell every kid how to make their shoe. We start with the sole of the shoe and then roll slabs and begin construction, draping, cutting and shaping the clay. After the form begins to resemble a shoe, it's time for details. Laces, stitches, futuristic objects. Of course I am around to help kids with individual projects but it's fun to watch them figure things out on their own.
As I continue to do this project with students, I really want to work on getting them to add lots of detail and work on their craftsmanship. I think those are two areas that have been lacking.
If you have any questions on the construction of the shoes, feel free to message me!

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