Tuesday, September 25, 2012

7th Grade 3D- Seussical Houses

Oh Dr. Seuss...who doesn't love a good Dr. Seuss inspired project? I haven't done this project yet this year but I do love it so. It's a great project for students to work on their clay skills such as slab and coil building and they get to add such cute details to it, they can really make this project whatever they want it to be! 

Steps for this project...
1. Create a template that will be used for the front and back.
2. Roll a slab and cut out the template 2 times.
3. Roll a long slab. Use a long, 2 inch wide template to cut out the sides of the house.
4. Score and slip the sides along the edge of the front of the house.
5. Stuff the inside with newspaper
6. Score and slip and attach the back of the house to the long slabs.
7. Stand the house up. This requires some help from the teacher.
8. Cut out doors and windows. Get creative and make sure the front and back have cut outs
9. Roll another slab and score and slip the house to it. This will be the base. Cut the base one inch away from the house. If the base is too big, it takes up too much space in the kiln and they are more likely to break. Make sure the connection of the house to the base is strong and smooth.
10. Add extras like a chimney, mailbox, door, bushes, trees, slides, ladders, etc.  This is the fun part where the house really starts to come to life.

These are examples from last year. I loved how cute they were and all of the details.
Yes, this house has a little man with a cookie tray hanging out of the window.

This one actually had a birds nest in the tree...like I said, ADORABLE!


  1. These are amazing!! We just purchased a kiln and are beginning our official clay program. You and your kids are definitely inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I have no words for how much I love these! How long do they take to complete?

    1. They take about a week and a half to build. We meet daily for 45 minutes. Takes 2-3 days to glaze.